Sunday, 15 February 2009

Why a Blog on BPO Industry – 2/?

Having covered a little of the early days of how I came to be the CEO of Vital Link Outsourcing, I have been personal witness to all the explosion going on around in this segment now called BPO.
With a historical background and with some modesty, terming myself as a pioneer, I felt that the perspective that I bring to this field should not go unshared for the common benefit of the newer entrants.
I have also personally seen quite a bit of things going wrong and am anguished that as in any emerging segment gold diggers have rushed in. I think of myself as a crusader and feel that some of the trends emerging need watching for the benefit of all concerned. I have in this time seen quite a few ‘hype’ cycles and know that most press coverage during this period is ‘sponsored’ and that the media in a rush to file stories has little time for due diligence. In this Blog I am hoping to counter some of this for the benefit of all those who care to read it J .
Again with traditional media there exists very little scope for insiders and veterans to share their perspective for the benefit of all. I am hoping that with this blog there would exist a platform for all like minded individuals to come together and share experiences.


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