Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Sun Tabloid BPO fraud

There has been yet more fraud and this too is unraveling itself in its myriad ways.
Most the world knows the penchant of British tabloids for yellow journalism. And the free availability of all sorts of content whether copy protected / data secured or not in South Asian countries.
Combine both of them and you have something that hogs the headlines in our Industry for a few days. But digging deeper into the facts, it is becoming murkier by the day. In fact what are facts and what are not is itself becoming confusing.
But then this kind of sting could have worked anywhere in the world. Even back home in UK. Nuclear secrets have been sold for far lesser motives and even lesser pecuniary gains.
When it comes to Data Security even in the US systems have been hacked into and identities stolen.
But then business is going on as normal.
The Economic Times reports that Fortune 500 companies favor India.

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