Thursday, 4 June 2009

Indian BPOs – 3 breeds – 1/?

Many general participants do not realize that there are 3 distinct breeds of BPOs.
Each one of them have their own origins, imperatives and other such characteristics.
What are they?

1. Pure Play Third Party BPOs
Owned independent of the customers. Some background in the industry vertical / processes. Serves many customers and mostly no single customer forms a large percentage of its turnover.

2. Captives
Owned and set up by the customer. A captive back office for a US / UK corporation. Processes are defined and move to India.

3. Software Backed BPOs
Owned or promoted by Indian software companies. May share many characteristics with Pure play third party BPOs but are different enough to be mentioned as a separate entity.

What are their characteristics? How do they differ? Why should I know more about them?


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