Sunday, 12 July 2009

Two flooding

Whew…some of my regulars might be wondering why I am  not blogging more often.
Well, my inability to contribute regularly started off with my travel to the US. A week or two before the trip, I was busy getting all the things I needed for the trip in order. While on the 2 week trip itself, I did 8 cities in about 10 working days. Except on two occasions over weekends, I did not sleep on the same bed for two consecutive nights. After coming back, I got busy meeting the deliverables that I had promised during the trip.
But what is more of a co-incidence is the two flooding that occurred. While I was in the US, Mumbai  ( and to some extent Pune ) received unprecedented 110 year record rainfalls. While Mumbai was flooded and non operational for over a week, our own delivery center faced flooding issues and had to shut down for two days due to power outages that exceeded the capacity of the Generators to keep powering.
Now that I am back in India, I am witnessing the news of the Hurricane and the damage that it has left in its wake.
While most disasters are unforeseen there can still be some degree of planning. Multiple locations being made fully operational is one of them. Both from the clients side and the vendors side.
The lessons are clear. If you want to be able to quickly tide over disasters, Disaster Recovery Management is critical.

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