Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Location, Location and Location

They say in the Realty business that what matters is Location, Location and Location.

This point was driven home to us last week in a rather emphathetic manner.

To go back a little, our earlier Delivery Center in Pune was on a main bus route and within walking distance from a Railway station. In a country where the dominant mode of access is Public transport, these things matter.

When we decided to move to a  new Delivery Center, we definitely wanted it to be in the center of town. The new premises now shares a common compound wall with the Pune Public Bus terminus and is within walking distance from the Pune Main railway station.

One of our clients who left us a few years back to move operations to China is now coming back to us ( but that is another story ) we needed to hire about 40 transaction associates for their process. We put out an Job advertisement and the response was overwhelming....we got all the good team members that we wanted.

Nothing else has it can mean only one thing that has changed. The new location.

Driving the point home...location, location and location :-)


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